Tuesday, April 13, 2010

bohol food trip

Earlier this week, (or maybe this month.. sheesh..) I had a lightbulb moment on whats gonna be the topic of my blog.  And this is it, a blog on all the yummy and not so yummy food experiences in bohol.  Im a local, so I gotta share my opinion! ^_^

Hello, hello world!

Here I am in again in another attempt to ride the e-commerce wave with the help of my writing 'abilities'.  This ability however, does not come along with the patience to deal with all the buttons that I had to click and press in order to put up with other bloggers.

That is why my previous blog sucked... and I totally forgot about it until recently...


someone reminded us of its advantage... and then, lo and behold... here we go again, but this time, I got a better view of what Im doing. ^_^